NoSpill baby bowl

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You would probably experienced the moment when your cute baby spilled foods or even let those foods fly around the table.. But we all know that we cannot resist to that lovely smile..

So we have a simple solution only for you! Spill proof bowl that will make your life much easier!

Features & Benefits

  • Spill Proof : If your baby likes to walk around with bowl or tends to swing them in the table, this is the perfect bowl for your baby (and you).  Try out today and see how this will resolve your problem!

  • Ergonomic Grip : Gyro bowl offers three solid handles that your baby will grab them with confidence! :)

  • Saves Cleaning Time : When your lovely baby spill the food, yes we have to clean it.  This will save parents' cleaning time for sure!

  • Perfect Gift : If you know someone who had their baby recently then they will LOVE you for having this bowl.

        You will NOT regret buying this bowl!  This will greatly save your cleaning time and your baby would enjoy every bits of their meal time!

        NoSpill baby bowl