NasalVac - USB Rechargeable Nasal Aspirator

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Clear out that runny nose with a touch! 

Parents do not know the importance of mucus cleaning.  Did you know that some babies can even choke or gag due to the nasal mucus?  It is scary that’s why we have a simple and very easy solution for you.

When babies get those runny nose, simply operate NasalVac.  It is very quiet and so quick that your baby won’t notice she/he had that runny nose! :)   As you can see, it can suck up any form of mucus - whether it is thick or runny, simply operate NasalVac™  to clear out that uncomfortable mucus!




Did you know that nasal mucus could lead to bronchiolitis - inflammation of the small airways deep in baby’s lungs?  This could be really severe that a baby could end up in hospital.  In old days, there were those suction bulb.  However many parents have experienced the inconvenience of constant cleaning of suction bulb.  However you could simply place NasalVac and constantly suck out that nasty mucus.  Not only that you don’t have to worry about mucus revert back to baby’s nose!



NasalVac - Why All Newborn Parents Need It!

  • Fast Suction : Say no more to that archaic and inconvenient suction bulb!  You will see that NasalVac will quickly suck out baby’s mucus in a second.  Not only that you don’t have to constantly clean out like those old suction bulb.  When you start to see baby’s runny nose, simply place NasalVac™ near the mucus and get the job done!

  • Prevent Bronchiolitis : In the worst case excessive mucus could lead to an inflammation in baby’s lungs.  As a parent, it is advised that you have to observe whether your lovely baby is having excessive mucus.  NasalVac will help you to clear out that unwanted mucus from your baby!

  • The Best Gift : This is “the” must item for all parents.  Or do you have a grand child that you love?  Or do you have friends that recently had newborn(s)?  All the parents with newborn baby will be SO HAPPY having NasalVac.  Make sure grab it!.


      There are too many benefits of having NasalVac. NasalVac is engineered in a way to save parents’ time by suctioning that unwanted mucus in seconds! 

      Authentic NasalVac™ is NOT sold in local stores.


      NasalVac - USB Rechargeable Nasal Aspirator