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Did you know that one in five children are affected by flat head syndrome?

We all know that babies should always be put to sleep on their back in order to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).  This is heavily emphasized by doctors backed by countless researches.

However here comes the scary part.. Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)..

Plagiocephaly syndrome is developed due to the external pressure forced to baby's soft and malleable skull.  Ever since advocation of SIDS safe sleeping campaign, the number of baby with flat head syndrome has increased and many toddlers are at RISK.

Flat-Head Syndrome Could Induce The Following

  • Development of Delays in Motor Domain : Controlling muscular activities such as walking and holding a spoon.

  • Development of Delays in Language and Cognition : Speaking and/or understanding one's own name.



SecureHead Pillow is the inexpensive, simple, yet effective solution to prevent from the flat-head syndrome!

  • Perfect Fit : It takes roughly 18 months for baby's skull bones to fully develop.  SecureHead pillow could fit babies up to 18 months.

  • Multipurpose Use : You could use in the bed, stroller, and chair.  They are very light weighted so it is easily portable!

  • Hassle Free : As a parent, you cannot hold child forever that you also need to take some rest!  Simply lay your baby on the back with SecureHead.  Your toddler will be in a comfort mode before going into a nap-mode!

  • Soft & Gentle : SecureHead pillow is baby friendly that it is soft yet firm it could hold toddler's head in a very secure form.

  • Safe Grade : SecureHead pillow is constructed with materials that are SAFE to babies.  No worries!

  • Perfect Gift!

Prevent your beloved baby from developing those unwanted flat-head syndrome today!

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SecureHead™ Baby Pillow