Astronaut Capsule Backpack For Cats

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Now your Cat can travel with you in it's own SPACE!

Astronaut Cat

Eh... Not exactly. But almost similar.



Take her along on your trek with a cat-friendly backpack. She’ll get to snuggle up close to you while enjoying the sights and sounds. The "Astronaut Cat backpack" provides your cat necessary ventilation, security, and a large viewing range

Astronaut Cat Bag

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If you’re looking for a cat backpack that you can take anywhere, look no further than the "Astronaut Cat Backpack". This backpack features a durable waterproof outer shell made of high-quality, scratch-resistant polycarbonate to keep your pet dry on a rainy day. The inside of the carrier is lined with the softest Oxford cloth and features a washable soft pad on the bottom so your pet stays comfortable.

Astronaut Cat bag



- Measuring 32 cm in length, 24 cm in width and 42 cm in height, it provides a roomy fit for cats under ten pounds

- Ergonomic design keeps the pressure off your cervical and lumbar spine so you can effortlessly wear the backpack for hours

- Transparent window eases anxiety and allows your pet to enjoy the outdoor scenery

- Eco-friendly polycarbonate and durable oxford cloth provide a comfortable and breathable environment for your cat

- Adjustable padded shoulder straps

- Mesh pocket for storage

- Built-in fixed hook to keep your pet safe

- Ventilation holes

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 Astronaut Cat Bag

Astronaut Capsule Backpack For Cats