Chop&Collapse® Multi-functional Chopping Board

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It has never been so fun and easy to cook for you and your family with our Chop&Collapse® Multi-functional Chopping Board! This all-purpose, medium-sized tub is functional as a chopping board when collapsed. It is also perfect for washing dishes, storing fruits,  rinsing tray for your vegetables, and even ideal for using outdoors, such as for icing beverage bottles on the back deck, for camping, and BBQ bonding when expanded!

This multi-functional chopping board is designed with very resistant materials that are safe for food contact, which you can use for years. A portable and resealable innovative designs make it perfect for all functional use! Experience a smart and convenient way to chop and wash vegetables and fruits with our multi-functional chopping board! 

  • multi-functionalperfect for washing dishesstoring fruits,  rinsing tray for your vegetables
  • portable & resealable - designed for easy storage when not in use
  • its one-click evacuation system will allow you to evacuate the water used for cleaning your food in a few seconds by filtering the larger pieces
  • easy to clean - a sponge stroke will suffice to clean the multi-functional chopping board
  • the material used in manufacturing does not retain odors
  • size - the chopping board is 40 centimeters wide30 centimeters high, and 13 centimeters deep when unfolded

Size: 40 cm x 30 cm
Material: plastic and siliconized rubber
Package includes: 1 x chopping board
Color: grey


Chop&Collapse® Multi-functional Chopping Board